what to expect



(September - May)

You can expect to learn how the Story of God revealed in the Bible points us to Jesus. The Story shapes, steers, and sustains our life.  

We offer classes for Children, Youth, and Adults. Adult classes are offered in English and Spanish.

Children's Catechism meets for ten miniutes after worship. 


You can expect to meet friendly people who love and support each other. 

Grab a worship order and get to know a few folks before worship.

We eat together after worship the third Sunday of every month. Everyone is welcome to join us.

We eat together during the week at other gatherings: Missional Community, Ladies' Coffee Night, Men's Breakfast.

Food and Faith go together. 


We meet at 5:00 PM every Lord's Day.

You can expect to worship the true and living God with reverence and awe. 

We gather before the Lord as individuals in families to worship God. Adults and children learn, sing and pray together. 

The service is conducted primarily in English, yet there are some bi-lingual (English and Spanish) elements. Click here for a look at our worship order